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Sailing YouTube Channels

RAN Sailing: No fuss, no fakery, just two people doing it with Swedish style. And they’ve sailed to Alaska, particularly interesting for us as that’s where we’re headed! We love you, Malin and Johan!

Sailing SV Devos: The original, and still to our minds the best. No tricks or clickbait, these guys are living the dream for so many. 

Sailing Millennial Falcon follows a couple of young Ausies as they cruise the Caribbean. Fun Couple…on a boat that sometimes throws them a curve ball. 

Bums On A Boat: These guys are hilarious and informative. You could say they have made every mistake in the book, but they are brutally honest about that and guide us through all of the fixes as they (keep us laughing and crying) do to get their old boat ready for cruising. They have a new dog Lola who is the twin of our dearly departed Ms. Totty.  We love this channel. Check it out.

Sailing Uma: This couple has retrofitted their old boat with lots of new technology and with top notch craftsmanship.  The early videos walk us through the massive restoration over a two-year period. This is another couple that is honest with their challenges and a joy to watch. 

This channel is the best there is for learning about boat restoration involving fiberglass. A joy to learn from Andy.

Sailing Soulianis: follows a young couple traveling from the great lakes, to the Gulf and around the tip of Florida as the continue to make improvements of their old boat. They share with us their successes and challenges, their tears and joys.

Sailing Ruby Rose: Two youngish Brits on a good boat sailing the world with great commentary and beautifully produced videos.  

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